8 civilians injured as Armenia shells Azerbaijan’s Tartar

  14 October 2020    Read: 577
 8 civilians injured as Armenia shells Azerbaijan’s Tartar

Blatantly violating the requirements of the humanitarian ceasefire declared on October 10th, 2020 at 12:00, including norms and principles of the Geneva Conventions (1949), the Armenian armed forces continue terrorist acts against our civilian population.

From the early morning on October 14th Terter district came under intense rocket and heavy artillery fire from various directions, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Azerbaijan told AzVision.az.

On October 14th at about 10 am, a shell falling on the yard of a rural secondary school in the territory of Terter district resulted in hospitalization with miscellaneous wounds of Zeynalov Ramiz Surkhay, representative of Terter Executive Power on Duyarli village, born in 1971, Ahmadov Kamran Valiyaddin, representative on Asgarli village, born in 1966. Villagers: Aliyev Matlab Jamshid, born in 1976, Ahmadov Khayyam Mahammad, born in 1987, Ibrahimov Ilgar Ibrahim, born in 1965, Aghazade Firdovsi Alim, born in 1996 and Suleymanov Agha Suleyman, born in 1960, were also hospitalized with varying degrees of injuries.

In addition, Gambarov Namig Malik (born in 1983), an employee of the Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting CJSC (Aztv) seconded to the frontline zone was hospitalized with various injuries as a result of the shooting of a TV service vehicle while bringing the provocations committed by Armenia against the civilian population to the attention of the world community. The car was severely damaged.

All necessary investigative measures are currently conducted by the prosecution authorities.

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