"Azerbaijani Army conducts successful operations" - President

  15 October 2020    Read: 549
 "Azerbaijani Army conducts successful operations" - President

"The Azerbaijani Army conducts successful operations almost every day. The public is also informed about these operations. Our main goal is to restore our territorial integrity. Therefore, the main goal on the battlefield is to liberate strategic heights from occupiers and take control of large areas."

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said in an interview to Turkish NTV channel, AzVision.az reports. 

"The statement made by me yesterday made the people of Azerbaijan happy once again. 3 villages of Fuzuli region and 5 villages of Khojavend region were liberated from the occupiers. I must also say that the strategic heights in the northern, southern and eastern directions are already under our control. Our successful operation continues. So far, about 40, or more than 40 settlements, cities and villages have been liberated from occupiers. Of course, these figures change every day. More good news will come in the coming days", the head of state said.

Azerbaijani President said: "We have liberated almost all villages of Jabrayil region. We liberated many villages of Fuzuli region from occupiers as well. I am sure that soon we will hear good news about Fizuli, too. Besides, the liberation of Suqovushan settlement in the northern direction from the occupiers, which is also of strategic importance, was the result of a very successful operation. Those heights allow us to control larger area and there is a very important reservoir."

The President of Azerbaijan noted that a large area is already supplied with water after the water reservoir in Sugovushan settlement came under our control. "Therefore, we conduct our operations gradually, on the basis of a unified plan. All targets have been selected. The Armenian side must simply take into account this reality and stop its aggression, abide by the ceasefire and voluntarily withdraw from the remaining lands so that there is no bloodshed and then this issue is resolved peacefully", he added.

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