Azerbaijan's Public Leaders Platform sends appeal to US, Russian & French Presidents

  26 October 2020    Read: 508

The Public Leaders Platform of Azerbaijan sent an appeal to the Presidents of the USA, Russia and France on another gross violation of the humanitarian ceasefire by Armenia. 

The appeal reads as follows:

“As you know, on your initiative, an agreement was reached between Armenia and Azerbaijan on October 10, 18 and 26 to cease military operations in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan on the basis of a humanitarian ceasefire. Unfortunately, Armenia ignored all three of your initiatives, and grossly violated a humanitarian truce a few minutes later. After each ceasefire agreement, Armenia targeted and fired not only Azerbaijani military positions, but also cities and districts far from the conflict zone, as well as civilians living there.

The worst thing is that Ganja, the second largest city in Azerbaijan, was hit three times at night by a SCUD-type ballistic missile fired from Armenia, killing and wounding many civilians, including children and women. While violating the ceasefire, Armenia did not only use ballistic missiles, but also use banned cluster bombs. Until today, 65 civilians were killed and 297 got injured, and more than 3,000 civilian objects were severely damaged as a result of war crimes committed by Armenia.

Armenia again violated the 3rd humanitarian ceasefire, which came into force on October 26, at 08.00 and fired rockets and artillery at Azerbaijan’s military positions and civilian areas. It should be noted that the shelling of Tovuz, Gadabay and Dashkesan regions of Azerbaijan from Armenia's Berd, Chambarak and Vardenis regions today demonstrates once again that the occupant Armenia has not given up its desire to artificially expand the geographical scope of the conflict.

Dear presidents, The Azerbaijani public is well aware that Armenia has never complied with the norms of international law, its obligations and the agreements. In fact, no one doubted that the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, who rejected the basic principles of your peaceful settlement of the conflict and said a few days ago that "there is no diplomatic solution to the conflict," would violate the agreement that came into force today.

The only reason for Armenia's failure to comply with any agreement and collectively accepted norms and principles is that it has so far gone unpunished. This impunity inspires Armenia and leads to new crimes.

We believe that the "limit of impunity" of Armenia has expired and imposing international sanctions on the aggressor country, Armenia which has committed crimes against humanity, has become the order of the day.

We call on you, as the co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group and the leaders of the permanent members of the UN Security Council, to take effective measures against Armenia, which does not comply with the international law norms and principles and your calls.

We hope that you, as the OSCE MG co-chairs, will demand that Armenia unconditionally implement the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and withdraw its troops from all territories of Azerbaijan contributing to peace and stability in the region".


1. Rauf Zeyni National Non-Governmental Organizations Forum
2. Sabit Baghirov – Fund of Assistance to Development of Entrepreneurship and Market Economy 
3. Umud Mirzayev International Eurasian Press Fund
4. Alimammad Nuriyev Constitution Research Foundation

5. Sahib Mammadov Citizen's Labor Rights Protection League
6. Novela Jafarova D.Aliyeva Society for the Protection of Women's Rights of Azerbaijan

7. Saadat Bananyarli Public Union "Azerbaijan National Branch of the International Human Rights Society"

8. Seltenet Gojamanli Public Union for the Protection of Human Rights and the Rule of Law
9. Korkhmaz Ibrahimli Biosphere Public Union
10. Avaz Hasanov Humanitarian Research Public Union
11. Aziz Alakbarov Azerbaijan Refugee Society Public Union
12. Israyil Isgandarov "Umid" Social Development Support Public Union
13. Vugar Bayramov Center for Economic and Social Development Public Union
14. Chingiz Ganizadeh Committee on Democracy and Human Rights
15. Maharram Zulfugarli Social Problems Research Association
16. Kamil Salimov Public Association "Observation of places of deprivation of liberty"
17. Fuad Mammadov "Simurg Azerbaijan Cultural Association"
18. Eyyub Huseynov "Free Consumers" Public Union
19. Tanzila Rustamkhanli Azeri Turkish Women's Union
20. Mirvari Gahramanova Public Union for the Protection of Oil Workers' Rights
21. Shamistan Alizamanli "Support to the Promotion of Patriotism" Public Union
22. Akif Nagy "Karabakh Liberation Organization" Public Union
23. Osman Gunduz "Multimedia Systems" Public Union
24. Mayis Aliyev Investigation of Social Rights
25. Irada Rizazadeh Public Union "For the Social Welfare of Citizens"
26. Bahar Gasimova "Azerbaijan Women's Republican Society" Public Union
27. Malahat Ibrahimgizi "Leader Women" Public Union
28. Fizuli Rzaguliyev Public Union of Patriotic War Veterans
29. Mehdi Mehdiyev Public Union of Disabled, Veterans and Families of Martyrs of the Karabakh War
30. Mehriban Zeynalova "Clean World" support to Women Public Union
31. Ahmad Abbasbeyli "Development of society and civil relations" Public Union
32. Nasiman Yagublu Support for Historical and Press Studies
33. Shahin Rajabov "Azerbaijan Parent-Teacher Association" public association
34. Aydin Abilov "New Writers and Artists" Public Union
35. Fikret Yusifov International Economic Research Public Union
36. Elchin Huseynov "Azerbaijan Writers Club" Public Union
37. Aydin Karimov Independent Law Center
38. Ahmed Gashamoglu Progress and Democracy Public Union
39. Hafiz Hasanov Law and Development Public Union
40. Mirali Huseynov Public Union for the Study of Democracy
41. Shamsaddin Aliyev Police Support Public Union
42. Asif Asgarli Azerbaijan Democratic Student Youth Organization
43. Emin Hasanli Youth Enlightenment Public Union of Demobilised Military men
44. Ilgar Orujov “Azerbaijan Society of Young Scientists, Postgraduates and Masters” Public Union
45. Ramil Iskenderli "Legal Analysis and Research" Public Union

46. ​​Samir Adigozalli Socio-Political Processes International Research Center (ISBAM)

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