52 criminal cases opened regarding Armenia's war crimes against Azerbaijan 

  30 October 2020    Read: 487
52 criminal cases opened regarding Armenia

From September 27 until October 30, Azerbaijani Prosecutor General's Office initiated 52 criminal cases regarding criminal facts committed by Armenian armed forces, Azerbaijani Prosecutor General Kamran Aliyev said on Friday.

5 criminal cases are being investigated by the Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General's Office. 

"39 criminal cases on rocket attacks by Armenian armed forces on settlements and strategic facilities, 5 criminal cases on the participation of Armenian mercenaries in hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh, 1 criminal case on the destruction of historical monuments in the liberated Azerbaijani territories were initiated," Aliyev noted. 

3 criminal cases on the participation of mercenaries in hostilities and inhumane treatment of captured servicemen were initiated by the General Investigation Department of the State Security Service, and 4 criminal cases were started by the Military Prosecutor's Office.

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