Pashinyan loses on all fronts – Russian experts

  07 November 2020    Read: 372
  Pashinyan loses on all fronts – Russian experts

The military operations in Nagorno-Karabakh show that all the steps Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan took since the beginning of the conflict were ill-considered and carried out to seek fame, according to Russian publication, reports.

According to the publication, this failure is manifested in colossal losses of military personnel and equipment, as well as the defeat of Armenian troops and intelligence on the entire front.

In addition, it is clearly seen that the current government of Armenia did not have a strategy on the battlefield.

According to the article, Nikol Pashinyan does not agree to a truce, seeking to have a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and asks for help referring to some commitments within the CSTO. However, the prime minister forgets that Russia can help only if Armenia’s territory is subjected to attack.

Nikol Pashinyan does not notice the internal problems that contribute to defeats on the front, experts claim.

A catastrophic situation is developing in the country due to the rampant coronavirus pandemic.

Moreover, experts also recognize the prime minister as a rather weak leader who clearly lacks political will, confidence, and competence.

According to historian-orientalist, political scientist, former military commander Igor Dimitriev, the Armenian prime minister was unable to implement the promised breakthrough reforms, and he formed his team gathering grant-eaters of the Soros.

Expert on international conflicts Yevgeny Mikhailov notes that if a coup is brewing in Armenia, then Prime Minister Pashinyan has nowhere to run, the Armenian people will get him everywhere.

“It is quite obvious that Armenia has reached its peak, first of all, in the complete decomposition of state power. Nikol Pashinyan’s policy of the Soros regime brought only grief to his people. Pashinyan turned Moscow away from the country with his Russophobia and now Yerevan is reaping the fruits of its chauvinism,” Mikhailov said.

The expert stressed that Yerevan today is suffering a complete fiasco on all fronts and the situation will only get worse.

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