Azerbaijan and Turkey to establish joint High Technologies Park  in Karabakh

  02 December 2020    Read: 451
Azerbaijan and Turkey to establish joint High Technologies Park  in Karabakh

Turkey's GOSB Technopark signed a memorandum on "Cultural and Scientific Cooperation" with the Innovation Agency of Azerbaijan, reports.

Under the instructions of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, landscaping works commenced in the territories of Azerbaijan which were liberated from the Armenian occupation. 

Karabakh has always been a centre of culture, the homeland of poets, musicians and artists. While writing the new history of Karabakh, turning it into a place of high technologies and innovations in the region is important for the economy and future progress of Azerbaijan. In this regard, it is planned to open technology parks and innovation centres in Karabakh. The Innovation Agency has taken the first step in this direction by signing a memorandum with GOSB Technopark, located in one of the largest industrial regions of Turkey and supporting 130 technology companies.

The memorandum contains items reflecting the future joint activities of both sides. To increase the level of technological knowledge and train young professionals in Azerbaijan, it is planned to regularly share acceleration programs, technology transfer programs, knowledge and experience. For this purpose, mutual seminars, training and conferences will be organized, and most importantly, a joint High Technologies Park will be established. It is planned to conduct the latest "soft" and "hard" scientific research in the park, as well as the production of high-tech devices. Regular campuses will create an environment for Azerbaijani young people and ICT professionals to communicate with each other, share experiences and implement new ideas.


Leyla Jabbarzade

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