Sugovushan Power Plant-  VIDEO

  05 December 2020    Read: 556
 Sugovushan Power Plant-   VIDEO

The territories liberated from the Armenian occupation by Azerbaijani army under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev have many suitable energy facilities such as Sugovushan-1 and Sugovushan-2 power plants with a total capacity of 7.8 megawatts located in Sugovushan.

Although Armenians damaged the stations, broke everything that could be broken. Despite that the machine rooms, units, generators, including the control center building, are damaged, panels and equipment, substation voltage transformers, switch switches, etc. are out of order, everything will be restored.

Damage to hydroelectric plants has now been calculated and design work has been carried out to restore them. According to the project, the works will be carried out in a period of 3 months and the plants will be put into operation. presents a video of the "Sugovushan" power plants.

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