Coronavirus vaccination begins in Azerbaijan 

  18 January 2021    Read: 531
 Coronavirus vaccination begins in Azerbaijan 

The first stage of coronavirus vaccination starts in Azerbaijan today while the second stage will start on February 1, reports.

Vaccination in Azerbaijan will be carried out voluntarily at public expense. For this purpose, it is planned to receive 4 million doses of Sinovac vaccine. The CoronaVac vaccine, manufactured by Sinovac, is 91.25 percent effective.

The high-risk categories of population that will be vaccinated first are those which are socially and medically vulnerable to the infection risk.

Socially High-Risk Group includes:

- Public health workers (doctors, nurses, nurses, technical staff);

- Law enforcement officers;

- Military personnel;

- Detained, arrested persons and prisoners;

- Persons working in the educational and social sector, persons permanently residing in social institutions, employees of the ASAN Service and DOST centers, the public transport sector, telecommunications operators, providers, postal workers, employees of the banking sector who are in direct contact with the population; Medically High-Risk Group includes:

- Persons aged 65 and older;

- Patients with chronic diseases of the respiratory system, chronic hemodialysis patients, patients with type II diabetes (aged 50 and older), obese people (≥18).

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