Plan for restoration of water sector complexes in liberated Azerbaijani lands submitted to gov’t

  04 February 2021    Read: 729
Plan for restoration of water sector complexes in liberated Azerbaijani lands submitted to gov’t

A plan for the restoration and development of water sector complexes in the liberated Azerbaijani territories has been prepared and submitted to the Azerbaijani government, Fuad Nasirov, representative of Melioration and Water Management OJSC, told Trend. 

"As a result of the Armenian aggression, the damage was caused to many facilities of the company,” Nasirov added. “Most of them became unusable during the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the rest - due to the lack of necessary maintenance during the occupation.”

“In this regard, a plan of measures for reconstruction and development of water management complexes in the liberated territories was prepared and submitted to the Azerbaijani government,” a representative of the company said.

Nasirov stressed that the main goal of the plan is to improve conditions on irrigated agricultural land.

“At the initial stage, the priority is to repair and restore the facilities of melioration and water management, at further stages - to restore and develop facilities at a modern level,” representative of the company added. “As a result, water will be supplied for about 96,000 hectares of territory.”

The provision of about 252,000 hectares of sown areas with irrigation water in the areas along the Araz River will be improved thanks to the Khudaferin reservoir with a capacity of 1.6 billion cubic meters, which are used jointly with Iran.

As a result of Armenia’s aggressive policy, the Azerbaijani land reclamation and water resources were damaged.

The irrigated land plot of the company stretching 125,800 hectares, as well as canals irrigating these territories stretching 6,426 km, 1,429 sub-artesian wells, nine reservoirs, seven bodies of water, 88 pumping stations, over 7,000 hydraulic structures, and other water facilities, remained under occupation for many years.

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