All Armenian prisoners of war repatriated – Azerbaijani MP

  26 February 2021    Read: 890
  All Armenian prisoners of war repatriated – Azerbaijani MP

All Armenian prisoners of war have been returned to Armenia, said Azerbaijani MP, head of the Azerbaijani community of the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan Tural Ganjaliyev. 

Ganjaliyev made the statement during the 20th Winter Meeting of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, reports. 

He noted that however following signing of the trilateral statement between Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia there were some sabotage groups, which tried to invade and commit some terrorist acts in Azerbaijan.

“Of course these acts were prevented and those people were detained and it is very important to differ these issues. The prisoners of war is one issue and sabotage acts is another one. So it is very important that we take this into consideration,” he said.

Ganjaliyev added that it is impossible to imagine to ensure full security in the OSCE region without also ensuring the economic and environmental security, especially in the very important region of the South Caucasus.

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