Brazil’s COVID-19 cases surpass 14 million

  21 April 2021    Read: 550
Brazil’s COVID-19 cases surpass 14 million

Brazil’s coronavirus case tally rose by 69,381 in the past day, reaching 14,043,076, the country’s Health Ministry said, reports citing TASS.

In the past 24 hours, the death toll climbed by 3,321, reaching 378,003. About 12.5 million patients have already recovered, while the number of active cases exceeds 1.1 million. On average, the country has 6,682 COVID-19 cases and 180 deaths per every 100,000 citizens.

Over the past week, 455,085 coronavirus cases were registered (some 36,000 fewer than a week earlier). The number of fatalities was on decline for the first time since February, reaching 20,344. According to local epidemiologists, the COVID-19 situation will remain critical in the country in April, bringing extreme pressure on the healthcare sector.

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