Armenia's Pashinyan interested in continuing co-op with Soros Foundation – political scientist

  23 April 2021    Read: 797

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has never hidden his sympathy and interest in continuing cooperation with the Soros Foundation, Ilgar Valizade, a political scientist, head of the South Caucasus political scientists club, told Trend.

"Pashinyan has participated in the work of this structure in recent years, never hiding his sympathy and interest in continuing cooperation with the Soros Foundation. In many countries, the activities of this Foundation were either seriously limited or banned precisely because of its excessive interference in the work of state structures, the process of state administration. In Armenia, on the contrary, many leading positions in power were taken by representatives of the Soros Foundation. The Foundation and its structures feel at ease in this country," the political scientist said.

“Today, the main political goals of this foundation are to ensure not only the pro-Western, but also the pro-Russian course of Armenia, and the desire to turn Armenia into its stronghold in the South Caucasus,” Valizade said.

"This has a negative effect on the internal political situation in the country. Because there are political circles and influential public forces in Armenia that do not want such a development of events. And, naturally, this causes a storm of indignation, leads to a clash of interests. The latest actions of the main political actors testify to the fact that civil disunity is growing in Armenia today, which leads not only to a conflict of interests but also to direct social conflicts," he noted.

The political scientist stressed that the activities of the Soros Foundation and the Armenian example are indicative here, is destructive in nature, as it does not correspond to the aspirations of society and introduces a serious element of tension in the internal political situation in the country.

"We see how inconsistently the Armenian political leadership behaves in the implementation of the trilateral statement of November 10. It can be assumed that the actions of the current Armenian political leadership to one degree or another are consistent with the policy of the Soros Foundation and in the issue concerning our region," he stressed.

The political scientist noted that the interference of external forces in the internal political processes in certain countries has never done good, and has not served the interests of society in these countries.

"In the end, this was expressed not only in a conflict of interests but also in a direct political confrontation, which we are witnessing in Armenia today," he added.

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