Turkish general exposes "Armenian genocide" lies - EXCLUSIVE

  24 April 2021    Read: 2209
  Turkish general exposes "Armenian genocide" lies -   EXCLUSIVE

There has been no "Armenian genocide" in history and no legal or historical facts confirming these allegations, said former military attache of the Turkish Embassy in Azerbaijan, General Yucel Karauz in his interview with AzVision.az.

"We recommend the people, who are claiming there was a genocide against Armenians, to remember the deportation of millions of Azerbaijani people in the Caucasus and the Khojaly massacre", General Yucel Karauz stated.

Citing historical facts, the general touched on the reports adopted during the presidency of the United States. Karauz noted that the "Harbord" report made during the presidency of President Woodrow Wilson found that the allegations about the so-called "Armenian genocide" were not true.

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