Armenia stabs Russia in the back - Political scientist

  01 May 2021    Read: 1088
  Armenia stabs Russia in the back - Political scientist

Monuments to the Nazis should not be located in any territories, including those that were previously part of the USSR, Yevgeny Mikhailov, an expert on interethnic conflicts told reporters. 

“I do not understand how Russian soldiers will march on May 9, realizing that next to them there is a monument to Garegin Nzhdeh, the man who promoted the murder of people, Soviet citizens, and participated in this. In history, he remained a general of the Third Reich, that is, a fascist who was engaged in the propaganda of the murder of entire nations,” he said.

The expert noted that he finds it hard to understand the position of the Armenian side.

“Armenia knows perfectly well how Russia treats such monuments and the propaganda of the idealization of fascism. After all, Russia has already declared who Nzhdeh is. The preservation of his monument in Khojavend is a challenge to Russia. Russia has always respected and will abide by its obligations. Therefore, I believe that the Armenians themselves should take action and demolish this monument. But they, on the contrary, arrange some actions like #EtoVamNeArmavir. Russia should, in my opinion, show a tough position and demand that the monument be destroyed and wiped off the face of the earth by May 9. It shouldn't be otherwise. The heroization of fascism is unacceptable. Armenia seems to be smiling at us, but on the other hand, stabs in the back,” said Mikhailov.

Commenting on the recent statement by US President Joe Biden regarding the so-called "Armenian genocide", the Russian expert noted:

“The US will never help. America is interested in chaos in the region. Of course, they are helping in this way, giving hope with the statement on ‘genocide’ to the nationalist forces of Armenia for revenge. But it is impossible. America is trying by any means to maintain its influence on all other parts of the world. But it won't work. The Americans themselves cut the branch on which they are sitting. Turkey will have even tighter partner relations with Russia, including Azerbaijan.” 

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