Hamas will pay 'High Price' for deadly escalations in Gaza Strip - Netanyahu   

  12 May 2021    Read: 333
  Hamas will pay

The borders of the Gaza Strip saw the largest escalation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in recent years earlier this week. Air raid sirens have been heard in Ashkelon and other Israeli cities surrounding the Palestinian enclave since Monday night.

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday during a press briefing with Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz that Hamas and Islamic Jihad groups are going to pay a "high price" for the attacks that occurred on the same day and for the recent escalation in general.

"We held a meeting with the participation of security forces to assess the situation. We decided that Hamas and Islamic Jihad will pay a high price for their actions against Israel. I tell you today — they will pay with their own lives. We are united against the despicable enemy," he said.

The prime minister also stated that Israel will continue the attacks on Gaza with full force, and has already struck hundreds of targets in Gaza. He noted that the military campaign will drag on, pledging that the country will make every effort to restore security for the Israelis. 

Netanyahu urged citizens to abide the security instructions of the local authorities.
The IDF released a video compilation showing the airstrikes on what it describes as Hamas rocket launchers in the Gaza Strip.

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