The way you text reveals your personality -  TEST

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  The way you text reveals your personality -   TEST

The simplest things can often reveal another side to you or even the way you are in a relationship. Something as simple as the way you text is a window into your personality.

It’s easy to not take notice of the tiny habits which could define you as a person. Your personality has a lot of different sides which you’re unaware of, however, these traits show up in the way you behave and act with people around you.

You will be surprised by how something as simple as the way you text could reveal a side of you that people may or may not have noticed. Especially these days where you only find people glued to their gadgets having one device in their hand or another. It goes without saying that we are a generation that uses cell phones not just as a mode of communication but also as a fashion accessory, boredom-buster, and even human companionship! In this day and age where one cannot be seen without a phone in their hand, it is interesting to see what it reveals about your personality simply from the way you text.

1. Texting with a single thumb

If you find yourself holding the phone with a single hand and texting with a single thumb on the screen, then you’re likely to be a carefree person who takes life as it comes. You almost always have a positive outlook on life where you don’t take things personally, rather you make the best of what you have and sail through tough situations with ease. Difficult problems are your forte as you manage to come out of it stronger than before.

It’s your self-confidence that makes you almost invincible to others. You take pride in the things you excel at and push yourself when you want to achieve something you’ve set your mind on. Impossible is not a word in your dictionary as you always find a way around a problem to reach a solution. You’re willing to take risks knowing that you have at least tried regardless of whether you fail or not.

You’re not the same when it comes to relationships as you prefer to think things through and work out what’s best for you. You want to be in a committed relationship but you never jump into it knowing that everything has a time. You’re willing to wait for the right person before committing to a relationship. Your partners could find you to be detached, however, the moment they gain your trust you’ll give yourself completely.

2. Texting with a single thumb while holding the phone with both hands

If you’re holding your phone with both your hands and texting with a single thumb, then you’re someone who likes to think before you act. Taking a risk has never been an option for you as you like to be in control of yourself and situations at all times. Giving up something on a whim is not your style and definitely not something you want to start doing. You know when to strike and closely observe the situation around before making a decision.

You pay attention to detail and almost always are in control of what you do and say. People may think that you’re quiet and reserved but you have a mind of your own that’s unique and intuitive. You can be sensitive to people’s emotions and feelings which makes you a good judge of character. This quality, however, makes you an empathetic person rather than using it to manipulate people or situations.

Your intuitive nature allows you to pick your partner wisely. Life is not perfect, so regardless of your good judge of character you may or may not go wrong in picking the right partner, however, you’re able to identify what you like and dislike in a person before dating them. If you’re smitten by the person then there’s no turning back as you give yourself completely. This hastiness, however, proves to be your downfall as you could end up with someone who’s not worth your time.

3. Texting with both thumbs while holding the phone

If you’re using both your hands when texting, then you’re the kind of person who appreciates efficiency and speed. You don’t like to dwindle or waste time on the small things in life, rather you find yourself attending to things that matter to you the most. You’re quick on your feet when it comes to making a decision and doesn’t miss a beat in making a choice that appeals to you.

What makes you stand out is your ability to adapt easily to changing situations. You know what to say at the right time and know when to act. Regardless of whether your company is old, young or ancient, you almost always find it easy to interact with the people around and make the best out of a situation. You’re versatile and this makes you a top contender for a person who can fit in anywhere at any given time.

When it comes to love you’re at loss for words. You think that you can manoeuvre your way through a relationship and make quick decisions, however, it’s more than that and you eventually end up trying to make sense of it all. Wooing may not be your forte, however, you don’t easily give up, so you give your time and effort into meeting the person you love. This leads to having a deep meaningful relationship with your partner that you’ve craved.

4. Texting with the index finger while holding the phone in one hand

If you find yourself texting with your index finger while holding the phone in one hand then you’re likely to be a creative person with an active imagination. You think outside the box and come up with unique and innovative ideas that are always appreciated. Your future is literally in your hands with the pool of skills that you hold.

You’re a dreamer who is not afraid to go the lengths to grab hold of what you want. Your quirky and energetic personality paints you in a positive way to people who know and spend time with you. You may seem like an impulsive person at times, however, you know what’s important and you’ll stick to the details before grabbing hold of something. Despite having full energy and enjoying people’s company, you still refer to grab some alone time to rejuvenate and de-stress yourself from the environment.

You’re shy and timid when it comes to relationships as you always expect the other person to make the first move. People might think that you have a lack of interest in them or their lives but they’ll truly get to know the person you are once they spend sufficient time with you. They’ll learn a lot of things along the way and realize that they’ve been lucky in finding a true partner in you.



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