Armenia must be held accountable for its actions - Armands Krause

  09 June 2021    Read: 159
  Armenia must be held accountable for its actions - Armands Krause

The horrible scene in Aghdam shocked us. In the 21st century, such an event is unbelievable, said Armands Krauze, Deputy Head of the Support Group for Cooperation with the Parliament of Azerbaijan, during their visit to the liberated city of Aghdam, reports.

The town and villages here were completely destroyed. These areas are reminiscent of the desert. The atrocities committed by Armenians in these territories are a crime against humanity. Armenians must be held accountable for their actions. This is a genocide committed against Azerbaijan - an independent country.

Armands Krause said that as a member of the Latvian-Azerbaijani interparliamentary friendship group, they have always supported Azerbaijan in its just struggle for the liberation of its lands. He expressed his confidence that Azerbaijan would win against Armenia in international courts and Armenians would be held accountable for the crimes committed.

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