Azerbaijan's Ombudsman holds meeting with Association for Development of Women Entrepreneurship  

  17 June 2021    Read: 152

The Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ms. Sabina Aliyeva met with members of the Association for Development of Women Entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan, reports citing the press service of the office of Ombudsman. 

During the meeting, issues of interest to women entrepreneurs were discussed. The topics discussed also included the participation in social projects, the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and their solutions, issues related to the development of women's entrepreneurship.

Ms. Sabina Aliyeva got familiarized with the main issues of concern for the Association members and informed them about the activity of the Ombudsman in the field of development of women entrepreneurship, protection of the rights of entrepreneurs within her mandate, as well as the Working Group on Business and Human Rights under the Ombudsman institution.

In conclusion, the importance of regular consultations with women entrepreneurs was emphasized to eliminate the existing problems in this area on time.


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