Ukraine's military experts call Armenia to handover all maps of mined areas 

  17 June 2021    Read: 229

Military experts, reserve officers of Ukraine issued a joint statement urging Armenia to hand over all the maps of the mined areas to Azerbaijan for defending the lives of innocent people, said Ukraine's military expert, reserve officer Yuriy Kochevenko, reports.

“The relevant international organizations must take urgent action within their mandates to resolve this issue. The sides achieved the milestone with the release of the maps of mined areas on June 12, where 97, 000 anti-tank and anti-personnel mines in the Aghdam district was recorded. This process should be continued, ”the statement reads.

Military experts also touched on the death of the Azerbaijani journalists who became the victims of the landmine explosion in the Kalbajar district on June 4:"At least two Azerbaijani journalists were killed and three people injured when a mine planted by Armenia during its occupation exploded. The explosion happened when a bus carrying journalists who were on duty in the recently liberated Kalbajar region crossed over the mine. These incidents once again prove the necessity of demining the liberated territories. ”

This statement was supported by the National Interests Advocacy Network ANTS Ludmila Dolganovskaya, the famous Ukrainian writer, reserve officer Volodymyr Chepovoy, reserve colonel, well-known military journalist, special correspondent of Armiya Inform, ex-speaker of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vladislav Voloshin, head of research projects of the social engineering centre “Implementation and analysis of unsystematic actions” Dmitry Gromakov, reserve officer, editor-in-chief of the Information Agency “Chernim po Belomu” Ruslan Orujov.

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