Armenian Azerbaijanis call on int’l organizations to ensure their right to return to their native lands

  18 June 2021    Read: 248
 Armenian Azerbaijanis call on int’l organizations to ensure their right to return to their native lands

Residents of Nuvadi village, the last settlement densely populated by Azerbaijanis in Armenia until August 7, 1991, sent an appeal to international organizations in order to ensure their right to return to their native lands.

The appeal was addressed to the UN Secretary-General, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Head of the UN Human Rights Council, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), UNESCO Director-General and ICESCO Director-General.

The appeal was signed by Tamasha Huseynova, 86, the oldest resident of Nuvadi, Musa Yusibov, 90, a former member of the Armenian SSR Parliament, academician Fikrat Aliyev and doctor of law, professor Amir Aliyev.

The 55-page appeal containing corresponding evidence was signed by 452 families.

“The people of Azerbaijan are multicultural and tolerant. We are ready for coexistence with peaceful Armenians. Nuvadi village has an ancient and rich history. The historical Sultan-Salma Fortress located in the village, as well as Baba Haji, Abdulata and other sacred shrines, medieval cemeteries, well-engineered underground passages and a system of surface canals are reminiscent of the rich and ancient history of the village,” Prof. Amir Aliyev said.


The professor noted that the 300-year-old historical name of Nuvedi village was changed to Nrnadzor:

"Geographical names are also part of the intangible cultural heritage, and their mass falsification is a toponymic genocide, which is a direct violation of the cultural rights of people who have lived there for centuries. Toponyms cannot be falsified or changed. Armenian pursues "cultural genocide" policy against Azerbaijan by destroying historical, religious, architectural and cultural monuments, as well as the historical cemeteries. Azerbaijani people, who were expelled from Nuvedi village, want to return to their former historical lands and preserve their historical, cultural and religious monuments. ”

The Nuvedi village was under the administrative control of the Jabrayil district of Azerbaijan until 1929. Not a single Armenian people have lived in this village until 1991. The control of the Nuvedi village was transferred from the Jabrayil district of the Azerbaijan SSR to the Mehri district of the Armenian SSR in accordance with the illegal decision of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Soviets of Workers', Peasants', Golden Army and Sailors' Deputies of the Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic dated February 18, 1929. For a long time, this document was not officially approved, and finally, in May 1969, the Nuvedi village was added to the administrative-territorial unit of the Mehri district of the Armenian SSR without the consent of the villagers.


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