Azerbaijan’s Yashat Foundation continues financially support martyrs' children

  23 June 2021    Read: 111
Azerbaijan’s Yashat Foundation continues financially support martyrs

The YASHAT Foundation covered the financial needs of Vugar, Azerbaijani martyr's son, who is 100th child born after the war, reports. 

One of the projects launched by the Foundation envisages support to martyrs’ children born after the war. As part of the project, newborns’ mothers will receive a cash benefit of AZN 1,000 ($588.2) to cover necessary expenses. In addition, a deposit account on the name of martyrs’ newborn will be opened, to which AZN 5,000 ($2,941) will be transferred from the amount collected as donations to the Foundation. Interest will accrue on this amount, and the child will be able to withdraw the amount collected when reaching the age of 18.

Set up by presidential decree in December 2020, Yashat Foundation helps families of soldiers killed and injured during the 2020 Karabakh War. The foundation ensures a transparent, efficient and accessible platform for additional support (financial and other support measures) implemented by the state to families of soldiers.

The newly-established foundation’s work covers the families of servicemen killed or disabled during the war and also the families of employees of state bodies (institutions) who became disabled or lost their lives while serving in the liberated lands or while removing the consequences of military operations in the liberated lands.

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