"Our victory in the war created new situation" - President Aliyev

  01 July 2021    Read: 382
 "Our victory in the war created new situation" - President Aliyev

“Our words never differ from our deeds. We do what we say. We are trustworthy and life has repeatedly shown it, “ President Ilham Aliyev said in his interview to Azerbaijan Television.

The head of the state said that there is an attractive condition for investors. 

“It is enough only to look at oil-gas projects to see that nothing changed in the contracts signed from 1994 until today. However, in most places countries try to change come stipulations in a manner that is convenient for them after a certain period. We haven’t done it. If we do it, investors will leave.  Thus, all these aspects and of course, our victory in the Second Karabakh war and settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict have created new situation. I believe that long-term stability and peace are crystal clear for investors. I am sure that the existence of such conditions and our trust in our future will attract foreign investors to this zone, “ President Aliyev said. 

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