Ammunition found in Azerbaijan’s Shusha

  05 July 2021    Read: 143
Ammunition found in Azerbaijan’s Shusha

Preventive measures to find munitions in Azerbaijan’s territories liberated from the Armenian occupation (during the 44-day war, from late Sept. through early Nov.2020) continue, Barda regional group of the Interior Ministry’s press service told 

During the next joint operations, employees of Shusha District Police Department and servicemen of Internal Troops with relevant agencies of the State Security Service found 30 different types of grenades, 10 grenade launchers, 30 UZRQM explosives, 1441 different caliber cartridges and other ammunition.

Following over a month of military action to liberate its territories from Armenian occupation from late Sept. to early Nov. 2020, Azerbaijan has pushed Armenia to sign an act of capitulation. A joint statement on the matter was made by the Azerbaijani, Russian and Armenian leaders.

A complete ceasefire and a cessation of all hostilities in the zone of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict were introduced on Nov. 10, 2020.

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