Deputy of Riga City Council: Many Latvian politicians eye support to Armenia - INTERVIEW

  05 July 2021    Read: 187
 Deputy of Riga City Council: Many Latvian politicians eye support to Armenia -  INTERVIEW

The chairman of the faction of the Latvian Russian Union (LKS) in the Riga City Council, Miroslav Mitrofanov expressed his opinion on issues of the confrontation between the fleets of Russia and Britain in the Black Sea, new signs of the third world war, the U.S.-China confrontation, Azerbaijani-Latvian cooperation in an exclusive interview to 

Mitrofanov stated that the appearance of the British Royal Navy warship HMS Defender in the Black Sea manifests jealousy, but it is not about Putin, it is about Biden.

“The British, firstly, wanted the Americans to jointly take such big measures as reducing tensions with Russia. This was the first moment. And then, the British would like to draw attention to themselves and make the Russian leadership negotiate with them. But none of these goals was achieved", Mitrofanov noted.

Speaking about new signs of the third world war, Mitrofanov highlighted that we would be on the brink of war.

“The situation in the world is now unfavourable from the point of view of issues of guaranteeing peace. It hasn't been as bad as it is now for the last 30-40 years. The reason is not the militarization of Germany, which is also bad, but the behaviour of the Eastern European (Poland) and the Baltic EU-member states. First of all, Lithuania. This Polish-Lithuanian union is actively supported by Sweden, which has its own claims to Russia”, Mitrofanov emphasized.

He also called China's plans for peace "hidden": “Those plans are more about the economy, not politics or military. Due to the economic growth, the Chinese will receive what could be obtained as a result of a regional or global war. It is impossible to say that the Americans clearly know what to fear from when it comes to China".

Mitrofanov also mentioned that the resolution on the events in the Ottoman Empire adopted by the US Senate changed the situation in those countries that consider themselves close allies of the United States.

“They hurried to do the same. Latvia and other Eastern European countries would take the same measures. Perhaps several decades would have passed. This issue was still on the agenda. Many ruling Latvian politicians eyed personal and political support to Armenia despite the development of economic relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan. But we must understand that the recognition of the so-called "Armenian genocide" by the Latvian parliament will not stop the progressive development of economic relations between Azerbaijan and Latvia or between Latvia and Turkey. The development of the economy will show the need to strengthen economic ties”, he added.

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