Azerbaijan, Israel should cooperate more closely in field of border security – political scientist

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 Azerbaijan, Israel should cooperate more closely in field of border security – political scientist

Azerbaijan and Israel should cooperate more closely in the field of border security, Israeli political scientist Mikhail Finkel told

Israel has a new prime minister, a new government. The era of Benjamin Netanyahu is over. The Cabinet is now headed by ultra-right politician Naftali Bennett. Various opinions are expressed about the fact that the new government will be short-lived. Is this a possible scenario? What can we expect from the new government? Is Israel ready to cooperate with Azerbaijan in the border security field?

Finkel answered the abovementioned questions in an interview with

At this point there is no sense that this is a temporary government, said the political scientist.

“Why do we say that? Because there is a large Arab party in the coalition government. And it openly says that they will leave the coalition government if the latter has at least the slightest conflict with any Palestinian group if the government will begin to respond to the aggression of such groups as Hamas, which strikes missiles on civilian objects, kindergartens and hospitals. In this case, the Arab party declares that they will go to the early elections. That is Prime Minister Benet and his closest circle is the hostages of this situation. Therefore, the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian group can erupt at any moment, and this, in turn, will lead to the disintegration of the coalition,” Finkel said.

Finkel said he did not expect any great upheavals from Bennett. “Bennett behaved like a peacemaker, like Chamberlain. He came to the Arab parties and almost did not receive their approval for this or that action. We do not expect this coalition to be in power for more than a year. One of the factors that led to the disintegration of the coalition may be the situation around Iran.”

The political scientist said the chances of Netanyahu's return to power are high, because all his coalition partners, those coalition parties, with whom he wanted to create a government.

“Who are they? These are the right parties, the ultra-right parties and the religious parties (these are the Jews from the countries of Asia and North Africa and the Jews from Europe). They are all in a row with Netanyahu and very angry at the new government. And they will do everything possible to come to power and change someone from Bennet's allies in their camp, so that they have a majority,” he added.

As for the prospects for the development of Azerbaijani-Israeli relations, Finkel noted that Azerbaijan is engaged in acquiring Israeli technology and development.

“We also have a big problem - drug trafficking and arms smuggling. We can and are ready to share our experience, we can coordinate actions together. I believe that we should work more closely in the field of border security,” Finkel added.

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