Evacuation from Afghanistan ‘an extraordinary success’, Biden says

  01 September 2021    Read: 128
Evacuation from Afghanistan ‘an extraordinary success’, Biden says

The US operation on evacuating people from Kabul airport was "an extraordinary success." This opinion was expressed by US President Joe Biden at the White House on Tuesday following the completion of this operation.

The US president stressed that the success of the mission in Afghanistan was enabled by US military personnel, diplomats and reconnaissance specialists who "risked their lives to get American citizens, Afghans and our allies onboard planes and out of the country."

The head of state noted that the US ended its longest foreign military campaign. "We completed one of the biggest airlifts in history," he said. "No nation has ever done anything like it in all of history; only the United States had the capacity and the will and ability to do it," the US president added, noting that over 120,000 people were evacuated to safety. Biden said that this number was more than double than what the majority of experts thought possible. 

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