Baku State University hosts “Sustaining Peace in the Region: Rebuilding Karabakh” conference

  27 October 2021    Read: 130
Baku State University hosts “Sustaining Peace in the Region: Rebuilding Karabakh” conference

The Model OIC Special Edition, an international simulation Conference of the OIC Foreign Ministers was organized at Baku State University, as a side event of the “Azerbaijan Investment and Culture Summit” that started today. The mentioned conference titled “Sustaining Peace in the Region: Rebuilding Karabakh” was organzied by the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) and the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (SMBDA) of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Model OIC Special Edition started with an opening speech by Mr. Vusal Gurbanov, Acting Director of ICYF-ERC. Mr. Gurbanov reminded the youth of the importance of playing an active role in diplomacy and being educated in such matters. On behalf of the ICYF Secretariat, Ms. Tugba Ceren Cerci, Director of the International Projects Department at ICYF, took to the floor to welcome the participants and reiterate ICYF’s support for the development of the youth and their role in diplomacy.

30 talented youth from 6 countries participated at the Model OIC Special Edition event by imitating the work of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers. They actively discussed the sustainable peace deals and hot issues for the rehabilitation of the Karabakh region by expressing youth vision on the topic. 5 distinguished participants from the conference will have a chance to attend the Summit and go for a trip to the Karabakh region. The MOIC declaration will also be announced immediately after the corresponding panel on the 28th of October.

The participants exchanged ideas on the topics regarding liberated territories of the At the conference, young people simulated the work of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers and shared their views on sustaining peace in the Karabakh region, the liberation of Azerbaijani lands, the "smart city" and "smart village" concepts to be implemented in these areas, the participation of OIC member states in the rebuilding process in Karabakh.

5 young people with exceptional knowledge and skills will take part in the Azerbaijan Investment and Culture Summit.

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