Armenia must abandon the idea of revenge - Hikmet Chetin 

  04 November 2021    Read: 140
 Armenia must abandon the idea of revenge - Hikmet Chetin 

"I am glad to be back in Baku. I have witnesses black days of Azerbaijan during early 1990s. I rarely saw smiling faces, everyone was in sorrow. I am glad to be in Baku after the glorious victory. Once journalists used to ask "how can we resolve the problem?, now they ask "what can we do further?"," former minister of foreign affairs Hikmet Chetin said sharing his views on the VIII Global Baku Forum. 

"The topic of this forum is different. COVID-19 has invaded the world. It did not look at the rich, the poor, the bad or the good. The whole world was affected and the pandemic still continues. In this forum, we will speak about the world after COVID-19. Everything will change. People have been taught a lot about health."

Hikmet Chetin said that Azerbaijan maintains peace,sovereignty and welfare in the region. 

"The side, which creates problem and needs to answer is Armenia. President Ilham Aliyev repeatedly said that the peace would be maintained. Armenia must abandon the idea of revenge. No side of this issue can be resolved by the war. Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan must reach to a common point and establish friendly relations. 

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