Azerbaijan MoD warns Armenia to stop military provocations  

  10 November 2021    Read: 242
 Azerbaijan MoD warns Armenia to stop military provocations   

Armenian troops tried to commit a provocation in the direction of the Garagol lake of Azerbaijan's Lachin district near the Armenian-Azerbaijani border on November 9, reports citing the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry.

According to the ministry, about 60 Armenian soldiers, were moving in two military trucks in the direction of Garagol lake and tried to block the road between the position of Azerbaijani army units, by setting up metal structures.

The units of the Azerbaijani army located in this direction in a short time concentrated additional personnel and military equipment in the area, and took urgent measures.

As a result, about 60 Armenian servicemen got surrounded, but were later released, following a request of the Russian peacekeepers temporarily stationed in the area.

In the event that such provocations are repeated in the future, much tougher and more effective measures will be taken, the ministry stressed.

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