No scenario of Russia's exclusion from OSCE - envoy   

  06 April 2022    Read: 177
No scenario of Russia

No scenario for the exclusion of the Russian Federation from the OSCE is envisaged, as there are no such rules in the organization, Russia's permanent representative to the OSCE, Alexander Lukashevich said during a Rossiya-24 TV broadcast on Tuesday.

"No, such a scenario is not envisaged, because there are no such norms and rules in the procedures of our organization. There is a consensus rule on which the entire organization is based," he replied to the relevant question.

"If the Polish presidency considers it possible to allow such intolerable things, we will fight against it in every way," Lukashevich added. The diplomat specified that now it's difficult to predict how the ministerial meeting in Lodz, planned for December, will be held, considering the Polish representatives’ behavior. "Still, in order to maintain this platform, the presidency <...> will have to reckon with the fact that we need to work out some solutions," he said.

"But in any case, we count on the remnants of reason, which should turn the Polish presidency in a more constructive direction," Lukashevich concluded.

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