US House approves $40 billion of aid to Ukraine  

  11 May 2022    Read: 145
US House approves $40 billion of aid to Ukraine

US House of Representatives approved the bill on allocation of addition $40 billion of aid to Ukraine Tuesday, according to a livestream on the House website, reports citing TASS.

The bill gained the required majority of votes and will be forwarded to the Senate now. Should the Senate approve the bill, it will be forwarded to US President Joe Biden for signing.

The bill implies allocation of funds for military, economic and humanitarian aid to Kiev.

Biden requested this additional funding earlier. He urged the lawmakers to approve it without delays, warning that otherwise the US will have to suspend its aid to Kiev soon, because all resources allocated by the Congress earlier have been exhausted.

Initially, Biden requested $33 billion of aid. Later, US media reported that the Congress increased this sum up to almost $40 billion. In particular, additional funds were proposed for purchase of combat vehicles and food aid.

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