Russian TV presenter Solovyov apologizes to Azerbaijan - VIDEO 

  30 June 2022    Read: 189
  Russian TV presenter Solovyov apologizes to Azerbaijan -   VIDEO 

Russian TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov apologized to Azerbaijan on the political talk show "Evening with Vladimir Solovyov" broadcast on Russia 1 TV channel, reports.

"Respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other countries is one of the main priorities of Russia's foreign policy. Personally, I fully agree with this priority. An incident on my air yesterday morning was considered unacceptable in Baku. On my behalf, I apologize to Azerbaijan because it resulted from my personal political mistake. Mistakes happen in difficult times," said a well-known Russian journalist.

On June 28, Solovyov showed disrespect for Azerbaijan's territorial integrity by introducing David Babayan, a representative of the separatist regime in Azerbaijan, which is under the temporary control of Russian peacekeeping forces, as "Foreign Minister of Artsakh" as a guest of Russia's state radio Vesti FM's Full Contact program.

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