Ukraine announces conditions for lifting sanctions against Russia 

  02 July 2022    Read: 273
Ukraine announces conditions for lifting sanctions against Russia 

The Head of the Office of the President, Andriy Yermak, has announced the conditions for lifting the sanctions against Russia, reports citing the website of the President of Ukraine.

"In general terms, I will tell you about our vision of the planes covered by the guarantees.

"This block of guarantees will include, in particular, the further provision of modern conventional weapons and military equipment without any restrictions or politically motivated obstacles.

"The next block is actions to deter new aggression. The operational supply to Ukraine of everything necessary to ensure the comprehensive realization of the right to self-defence, including weapons, equipment, financial and other assistance, is the cornerstone of this block. It is necessary to build a system of bilateral and/or multilateral agreements, which will provide for detailed mechanisms of guarantors' actions in case of aggression against Ukraine.

"The last block of guarantees should be the sanctions policy. It should become an effective tool for preventing the recurrence of aggression. The currently implemented packages of sanctions and restrictive measures should be in effect not only until the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. Their effect should continue until Russia fulfils two conditions. First, it must provide adequate assurances and guarantees of non-repetition of aggression against Ukraine. Second, it should provide full compensation for the damage caused to our state and citizens. An effective mechanism for implementing preventive sanctions should also be envisaged in the future - in the event of a threat of aggression. At the same time, guarantees for the urgent implementation of an agreed and synchronous international regime of sanctions are necessary if aggression does occur.

"Ukraine has an extremely negative experience of security assurances in the framework of the Budapest Memorandum. We categorically refuse to repeat it. There will be no Budapest-2. We need effective guarantees to deter future aggression from Russia - military, political, diplomatic, institutional, financial, etc. These guarantees must be included in legally binding and duly ratified international agreements with guarantor states," he said.

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