Gas prices in Europe decrease 

  06 December 2022    Read: 271
Gas prices in Europe decrease 

Gas prices in Europe fell 1.1% in early trading on December 6, reports citing the London Stock Exchange ICE.

January futures on the TTF index (the largest hub in Europe located in the Netherlands) opened trading at $1,495.6 (+1.1%). Then they fell to $1,462.9 per 1,000 cubic meters (-1.1%). The dynamics of quotations is based on the settlement price of the previous trading day - $1,478.8 per 1,000 cubic meters.

The cost of the nearest futures on ICE on December 1 for the first time since October 13 exceeded $1,700 (the maximum was almost $1,780). Prices in Europe rose against the backdrop of cold weather and low wind generation.

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