Iran appoints new Tehran police chief 

  27 January 2023    Read: 344
  Iran appoints new Tehran police chief 

Iran has appointed a new Tehran police chief, Abbas Ali Mohammadian, reports citing the Iranian media.

Iranian police Chief Ahmad-Reza Radan announced a new appointment immediately after the attack on the Azerbaijani embassy.

This happened after state television quoted ex-chief of Tehran police Huseyn Rahimi as saying that the attacker had entered the embassy with his two children only so that the surveillance footage would not show the children at the scene.

It should be noted that Mohammadian was sanctioned by the EU and the UK only last year. He will replace Rahimi, who has held his post since 2017.

An armed attack took place at the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Iran on January 27, 2023, at about 8:30 (GMT+4). The gunman turned out to be a man in his 50's, who drove up to the administrative building, armed with a Kalashnikov automatic rifle.

Earlier reports from the Chief of Tehran police said there were two children in the car with the gunman, the security camera footage released later proved the man was alone. He entered the building after briefly waving hand to the Iranian security guard outside. No attempts were made to detain the gunman, as he freely entered the embassy. The man managed to kill head of the security service and wounding two embassy guards. The shooter was eventually detained. The incident is currently being investigated.

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