Azerbaijan-Türkiye land border opens through Nakhchivan

  01 February 2023    Read: 556
  Azerbaijan-Türkiye land border opens through Nakhchivan

The land border between Azerbaijan and Türkiye has been opened through Azerbaijan's Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, reports. 

From now on, private cars are allowed to pass through the Sadarak customs checkpoint in Nakhchivan. Those who wish to cross the border must have place of residence in Nakhchivan.

Since the ban on buses is still in force, those wishing to cross the border should do so in their private cars.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the land borders of Azerbaijan were closed to all neighboring countries. Nevertheless, trips from the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic to Iran and Türkiye were allowed.

However, since July 1, 2022, movement for all vehicles, except trucks, has also been suspended through Nakhchivan.

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