International “2023 Winter Exercises” end in Türkiye

  03 February 2023    Read: 373
International “2023 Winter Exercises” end in Türkiye

The international “2023 Winter Exercises” involving Azerbaijani servicemen of the Separate Combined Arms Army have wrapped up in Turkish Kars, reports citing the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry. 

Military personnel from 17 other participating countries completed tasks on various episodes in a harsh climate and difficult terrain.

The international exercises were primarily aimed at ensuring combat coordination in the interaction of troops, exchanging experience, enhancing professionalism, the further improvement of the skills of servicemen in the effective use of modern types of weapons and equipment adopted for service.

The Azerbaijani servicemen of the Combined Arms Army showed high professionalism during the exercises held from January 18 through February 3, 2022.

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