Turkish Defense Ministry extends congratulations on Azerbaijan’s Armed Forces Day

  26 June 2024    Read: 728
Turkish Defense Ministry extends congratulations on Azerbaijan’s Armed Forces Day

The Ministry of National Defense of Türkiye shared a publication on the occasion of June 26 - the Day of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan, AzVision.az reports. 

"We extend our congratulations on the 106th anniversary of the founding of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, which valiantly and altruistically safeguard the peace and security of our Azerbaijan brothers. We will always stand by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces," the publication of the ministry reads.

To note, June 26, 1918, is the 106th anniversary of the formation of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. On June 26, 1918, the first regular military unit, the Separate Azerbaijani Corps, was established by the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.

Meanwhile, the "Declaration of Independence" adopted on May 28 of the same year noted that Azerbaijan should have a regular army, create its Armed Forces to protect itself from external interference, and neutralize the internal forces of the enemy. The government was assigned the task of creating an army of 25,000 men. The Military Ministry of Azerbaijan was established on August 1, and Khosrov bey Sultanov was appointed as the first Minister of Defense.

The first military parade in Azerbaijan was held in 1919 in Baku, on the territory of the current Museum Center. In a short time, the National Army, together with the Caucasian Islamic Army, managed to liberate Baku and its surroundings from the Armenian-Bolshevik occupation. After the Soviet occupation of Azerbaijan in 1920, the Military Ministry was abolished, and 15 generals of the Azerbaijani Army were shot by the Bolsheviks.

After the regaining of state sovereignty in 1991, it was decided to build the Azerbaijani Army. As per the decision issued by National Leader Heydar Aliyev on May 22, 1998, the date "June 26" was officially designated as the Day of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan.



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