MFA: Astana meeting to boost Azerbaijan-Pakistan-Türkiye strategic partnership

  03 July 2024    Read: 862
MFA: Astana meeting to boost Azerbaijan-Pakistan-Türkiye strategic partnership

“Azerbaijan’s bilateral relations with both Türkiye and Pakistan are based on brotherhood, historical and cultural ties, mutual respect, and trust among our peoples. Our interstate relations based on such firm foundations are characterized by constant and comprehensive development, close cooperation in various fields, international-level joint actions, and support on issues of mutual interest,” said Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Aykhan Hajijzada as he responded to the local media inquiry regarding bilateral and multilateral meetings of Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in Astana.

“So far, a number of trilateral meetings, events, and exercises have taken place at the level of the speakers of Parliaments, Foreign Ministers, and Defense Ministries of the three countries, agreements on substantial issues have been reached, as well as the level of cooperation has expanded. It should be especially emphasized that these exemplary trilateral cooperation platforms are guided by norms and principles of international law and exclusively seek to promote peace, security, stability, and progress.

This meeting held at the level of leaders in Astana will give impetus to promote relations between the three countries to a new level, strengthen and frequently organize the trilateral cooperation platform under the guidance of the leaders, and broaden strategic partnership relations of Azerbaijan-Pakistan-Türkiye in new directions,” Hajizada added.

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