Azerbaijan’s military cadets conduct practical shooting exercises - VIDEO

  11 July 2024    Read: 630
Azerbaijan’s military cadets conduct practical shooting exercises -   VIDEO

Under the training plan and program for 2024, practical classes are held in the field with the cadets of the Baku Military College under the Azerbaijan National Defense University.

First, the cadets' knowledge of weapons and military ammunition designation, combat and technical features, operating rules and disassembly was checked in the training area, the Defense Ministry's press service told 

The methods of taking the firing position in any weather and terrain conditions and detecting imaginary enemy targets and destroying them by following the right targeting rules were explained.

Then, the tasks on observing targets, throwing hand grenades while moving with weapons and from the spot, as well as firing at emerging and moving ground targets were carried out.

During the practical exercises, the servicemen successfully accomplished all the assigned tasks.

The purpose of the exercises is to improve the level of combat training of cadets, increase their knowledge and skills, as well as develop their skills in the effective use of weapons and ammunition.

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