11 April 2016    Read: 1941
Sometimes in music we can find both forgiveness and hope at the exact same time.

AzVision.az presents the second edition of `Qarabağ Üçün Oxu - 2`(`Sing for Karabakh -2`) project.

`Qarabağ Üçün Oxu - 2`(`Sing for Karabakh -2`) project is the Azerbaijani version of the famous US `Playing for Change` project.

`Playing For Change` is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music. The idea for this project came from a common belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people. Moreover, it aims to bring the main problem of the society to the forefront.

In this regard, the Azerbaijani version of `Playing For Change` was named as`Qarabağ Üçün Oxu - 2`(`Sing for Karabakh -2`) to bring Karabakh conflict to the forefront. The project is being implemented under the `Let`s unite our voices for Karabakh` slogan.

AzVision.az website initiated to implement the project. Appropriately, the official of the website contacted the project team by e-mail and got approval. Moreover, the e-mail got from the project team reads, they highly evaluate our initiative and are ready to cooperate in the future.

The founder of the `Qarabağ Üçün Oxu - 2`(`Sing for Karabakh -2`) project is Vusal Mammadov and music producer is Ramal Rasul.

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