Paris Orly airport is evacuated after 'a shooting'

  18 March 2017    Read: 1621
Paris Orly airport is evacuated after 'a shooting'

A shooting and a police operation are being reported on social media from the Orly airport in Paris. Video footage suggests that a part of the airport has been evacuated.

The National Police have confirmed on Twitter that a special operation is underway and asks people not to cross the perimeter.

According to a preliminary report from BFM TV, an unidentified man tried to seize a firearm from a French soldier at the airport and shots were fired by the French military in the ensuing altercation.

Some reports claim the suspect has been detained. AFP says the man was shot after trying to steal the weapon, citing France’s interior minister.

The attacker reportedly acted alone.

Some tweets also report a hostage situation, but this is not confirmed.

It has also been reported that passengers on arriving planes are being prevented from disembarking.

Located 13 km south of Paris, Orly Airport was the French capital’s primary airline hub before the opening of Charles de Gaulle Airport, and continues to serve some 30 million passengers annually.

It remains France’s busiest in terms of domestic flights.

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