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by Prof. Dr. S. Rıdvan Karluk

The fact that there had been massacres ( of Armenians) is obvious and clear. Everyone agrees on this. Essentially, nobody denies this fact. The important issue here is to define it ( as a genocide or not ).
I certainly do not agree on this. Neither does Prof. Justin McCarthy who spoke at the Symposium on the Imperialism and the Armenian Issue, organized on April 18, 2015 in Ankara which I also attended.!

Recognized worldwide in the Ottomans, the Balkans and the Middle East issues and authored such books as the `Muslims and the minorities: the Population and the End of the Ottoman Empire`, `Death and Exile` and `The Ethnic Cleansing of the Ottoman Muslims`, Prof. McCarthy said during the interview he gave to Ms. Tugba Ozgur Durmaz of the AA ( Anatolian News Agency ) on April 2014 that he looked into the matter years ago while researching on the issues such as the population of Anatolia, the population pictures before and after the First World War in Anatolia and that he could not ignore the historical evidences and decided to study the claim of genocide further and deeper.!

`At the end, I realized how many Turks have been killed. How did so many Turks die? Because they were not in war. Already 2.5 -3 million Muslims have died in the war. The numbers forced me and I decided to study the issue deeper. I had no specific and definite reason to study the Armenians at first and I concentrated on the Muslims. But later on I realized that someone must have killed so many
people. Thus I started to study also the Armenians, Greeks and the Jews.`

Saying that there have been and still are plenty of prejudice against Muslims and Turks, McCarthy said: `Turks must work harder compared to others due to these prejudices. Christians tend to agree and believe if a Christian says something and don't believe if a Muslim says something. The same also applies to Muslims. Muslims believe Muslims more than they believe Christians. This is the nature of human beings.Turks should have worked harder about and against this (genocide) claim. This has not been done until the last twenty years. Turks, only now, started to tell the real story. Unfortunately, they think it will be quick and easy recovery, forgetting that the other side have been working on this close to hundred years. This will take time for the Turks.”

In Hocaly, Azerbaijan, the Armenian guerrilla groups committed the most vicious crimes of the recent times, butchering children, women, elderly and babies without a second thought.

The inhuman treatment of the ordinary people included such unspeakable vulgarity as skinning the heads of people, torturing beyond imagination of the people surrendered alive, cutting with a hack saw the legs and arms of people,executing with gun fire the children in front of their fathers and fathers in front of their children, filling the baskets with heads separated from their bodies alive and
cutting open the abdominal sections of 56 pregnant women discharging and exposing the babies not even fully developed. So, those who do not really like to consider these facts and still determined to force Turkey to accept the so called genocide claims must really watch this documentary movie prepared by Philip M. Callaghan about the Armenian insurgencies, with the title `The Armenian Revolt - 1894-1920`...

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