China invested $3.98 billion in Silk Road countries since start of year

10:32   19 May 2017    1342

China has invested 3.98 billion US dollars in the economy of 45 countries that are part of "One Belt, One Road” projects in the first four months of 2017, China Daily reported quoting the country’s Ministry of Commerce.

Investments in the countries of the Silk Road Economic Belt account for 15.1 percent of all foreign investment in China, which almost double the figures for the corresponding period of the last year (8.2 percent). According to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the country has become the largest foreign investor in Uzbekistan, Laos, Pakistan and Cambodia.

Azerbaijan actively participates in the restoration of the Great Silk Road, which includes the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route, having in view its geographical and strategic position and economic demand.

The Great Silk Road was not only a means of trade between the East and the West, but an important means for the exchange of cultural values. The active cooperation between China and Azerbaijan strongly contributes to the realization of the Great Silk Road program.

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