"Document" which made Goebbels turn in his grave - ANALYSIS

  18 August 2017    Read: 1912
"Document" which made Goebbels turn in his grave - ANALYSIS

by Vusal Mammedov

Nazi Propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels said that the bigger the lie the more people believe it. However, this thesis lost its strength distinctly during the era of information and social networks. It is impossible to make propaganda on fake news. The reason is that truth appears shortly because information pervades from numerous sources.

However, Sargsyan’s love towards Fascist regime is not secret but Sargsyan’s propaganda group could not consider this point. Otherwise, they would not try to make anti-Azerbaijan propaganda over the document which is obviously fake.

Let’s put everything aside. Allegedly, there are 17 orthographic and grammar mistakes in a letter written by Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces Colonel General Najmaddin Sadiqov to the Minister of Defense, Zakir Hasanov. Is it real that the Ministry of Defense cannot write the word “martyr”?! It is not reasonable.

At the top of the blank, an image taken from the article named “Azerbaijani Armed Forces” in Wikipedia has been inserted instead of the official logo of Ministry of Defense. It shows everything.

The main factor is that no official blank is used in the correspondence within the same ministry. Official blanks are used in correspondence between institutions.

Let’s look through the content of document: Allegedly, the Azerbaijani Army suffered 558 losses and 1293 soldiers wounded during the April War between April 2-6 according to the letter written on April 28. Practically, it is impossible to hide those numbers. The names of martyrs were known on April 7. The list of names has been shared on social networks. People almost knew all names of the April martyrs. In the modern information era, no one could change 558 martyrs to 93. The question arises: Who are 465 martyrs then? Did anyone look for 465 soldiers? It is absurd! The same can be said about 1293 wounded soldiers.

In the letter, Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces suggests to disclose losses part by part: Nearly 60 per week. Nothing like that happened during that period. The list of martyrs was disclosed once after the April War. Names of 60 martyrs have not been disclosed in any week since that time. Indeed 60 is a big number in this meaning. For almost half a year, Azerbaijan has not suffered 10 martyrs in a week.

In a word, both the form and the content of the letter prove that it is fraudulent. A person who has average knowledge in Photoshop program can prepare and give you so many letters in a day, but the question is: Why? Why did the Armenian government in need of such a stupid lie? Why so late? - Half a year after the April battle.

To find the answer let’s look at the recent incidents happened in the Armenian Army.

These are just the latest news published on AzVision.az over the past 20 days:

July 28: Armenian Army suffers loss. A contract soldier Arkadi Levon Gambaryan died.

August 3: Parents of soldiers in Armenia are threatened

August 4:
Contaminated water causes spread of infectious diseases within Armenian army

August 14: Armenian serviceman Arman Samvel Movsisyan (b. 1998) was annihilated in the north-east direction of Karabakh.

August 15: Military serviceman Abas Sloyan was found hanged in Hatsik village of Armenia’s Shirak Province.

August 18: Armenian soldier S.Karen, who stole from the deputy commander's office in one of the military units in Armenia, was sentenced to three years in prison.
If it is the digest of last 20 days that published in a website, then the situation in the Armenian Army can only be expressed in one word: Degradation. More precisely, in 2 words: Full Degradation.

The Armenian Army obviously declines, collapses and it further aggravates the already severe social unrest in the country. Moreover, negative cases in the army cause for not only social tension but also political strain in a war-ravaged country.

In such a circumstance, there is an old, time-tested method: to talk inspirational stories about old victories to people. Armenian propaganda machine knows it perfectly. What if, there is not any story to tell? Then only then, Joseph Goebbels came to mind: The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed. However, as we say, one thing was escaped from the attention: where and when.

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