Azerbaijani MP highlights Azerbaijan's tolerance at PACE session

  23 January 2018    Read: 650
Azerbaijani MP highlights Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is very sensitive to the issue of rights of the national minorities, in particular their languages, Chairman of the Azerbaijani Parliamentary Committee for Cultural Affairs Rafael Huseynov said at the PACE session Jan.22.


"Certainly, a careful attitude towards this is necessary in any multinational country, rich in diverse ethnic groups," he said. " Throughout the centuries, representatives of over eighty ethnic groups have resided in Azerbaijan, and the country has historically been a landmark place of fertile multicultural environment. Along with representatives of more than 30 national minorities and ethnic groups, there are representatives of over 40 other nationalities living in Azerbaijan."

"They develop their culture and receive education in their mother tongue, watch programs broadcasted in their languages on radio and TV, as well as publish book and magazines in their languages," Huseynov said.

"Every language is the highest wealth that has been granted to those speaking that language, regardless of how many people speak it. It is a duty to protect, keep alive and develop this wealth and holiness for one human being and for one state as well," he said.

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