‘Some forces, countries do not accept Azerbaijan’s model of tolerance’

  30 January 2018    Read: 874
‘Some forces, countries do not accept Azerbaijan’s model of tolerance’
There is a tolerant atmosphere in Azerbaijan, but some countries and forces do not perceive it, Siyavush Heydarov, deputy chairman of the Azerbaijani State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations, said.

Heydarov made the remarks at the seminar conference entitled "Essence, reasons for the emergence of radicalism and extremism and legal basis for combating them," organized by the State Committee in Baku.

“Certain forces are trying to use the religious factor to ensure their interests and identify Islam with radicalism,” he said. “They want and try to impose alien religious ideologies on Azerbaijan.”

"First and foremost, it is necessary to give priority to the preventive measures, enlightenment for children and young people not to fall under the influence of religious extremist ideologies," Heydarov said.

"There are attempts to impose radical religious ideologies on Afghanistan, Central Asia, the North Caucasus,” he added.

Heydarov said that radical religious groups, using social networks, try to involve children in reading harmful religious literature.

Representative of the Prosecutor General's Office Rauf Mammadov also delivered speech at the event.

“Beginning from 2012, falling under the influence of radical groups, joining radical groups, terrorists in Pakistan, Syria and Iraq, some youth representatives took part in battles," he said.

Mammadov also added that for that purpose, the Azerbaijani Criminal Code was supplemented with relevant articles.

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