EU: Armenian nuke plant must shut down  

  30 January 2018    Read: 2222
EU: Armenian nuke plant must shut down  
Armenia’s Metsamor nuclear power plant must shut down, said Dirk Lorenz, deputy head of Division for the Eastern Partnership countries at European External Action Service, Armenian media reported.

It is necessary to close the nuclear power plant as soon as possible, since it is impossible to improve it to such an extent that it fully meet international security requirements, he said.

Earlier, the EU promised to allocate 200 million euros to Armenia for the shutdown of the Metsamor nuclear power plant.

Construction of the Metsamor nuclear power plant started in 1970. After the devastating earthquake in Spitak city in 1988, the plant was shut down, but in 1995, despite international protests, the nuclear power plant’s operation was resumed, and moreover, the second reactor was launched.

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