U.S. Embassy empowers IDP youth in Azerbaijan’s regions

  31 January 2018    Read: 899
U.S. Embassy empowers IDP youth in Azerbaijan’s regions
On January 31, U.S. Embassy representatives celebrated with the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF) the completion of its “Empowering IDP Youth in the Regions for Civil Society Participation” project, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Baku.

The project, which began in November of 2017, involved over 75 young people from the IDP communities in the Terter, Barda, and Agdam regions in small community projects and theater performances, the U.S. Embassy told Azvision.az.

The projects raised public awareness about social issues such as drug abuse and protecting the environment, taught the young people vocational and life skills and showcased the talent of IDP community. Through their theater performances, the young people addressed communities in all three regions, educating their audiences on social issues of their choosing, including the prevention of gender based violence, peace-building and eliminating violence and extremism in communities.

The International Eurasia Press Fund is an independent international non-governmental organization (NGO) founded by an international group of journalists in 1992.  The Fund concentrates on the development of media crisis management, peacekeeping activities, conflict resolution, refugees/IDPs, and community development.  The U.S. Embassy supported two other projects for the IDP communities in frontline regions in 2017, helping raise awareness on violence against women in Terter, Agjabadi, Agdam, and Beylagan, and providing training for young IDPs on communication, leadership, and multimedia skills in Barda, Terter, and Agdam. 

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