Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan advance in mutual transportation, logistics

  09 February 2018    Read: 1379
Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan advance in mutual transportation, logistics
The completion of construction of the first stage of the Alyat seaport terminals will give an impetus to the increase in transportation between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, head of center for regional development of Azerbaijan Chingiz Ismayilov said.

He made the remarks in an interview with Kazakh media outlets.

“It is planned to increase cargo transportation volume from 2 million tons to 5 million and then to 12 million tons. The plans are the same for the Kazakhstan’s Kuryk port," he said.

"The next year 3 million tons are planned to be transported. The volume of transportation will contribute to the development of trade between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan due to an improvement of logistics and port facilities of the Caspian region,” said the expert.

According to the data of the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan, last year the export and import operations between the countries amounted to $142 million comparing to $124 million in 2016. The share of Kazakhstan’s exports to Azerbaijan reached nearly $108 million.

Cooperation between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan has great prospects. In December of 2017, the republics adopted a road map. According to the agreement, it is planned to increase the trade turnover twice by 2020.

The countries also intend to strengthen cooperation in energy. The issues of transportation of the Kazakh oil and gas to Europe through Azerbaijan will be considered.

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